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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is there no information on the show I'm looking for?

    If Star Tickets is the agency for the event then it will be available on our web-site. By joining My Star Tickets, we will provide you with regular updates on upcoming events on sale!

  • Can I select the specific seats when booking online?

    Yes, for reserved seat events, you will be able to select specific seats.

  • How do I get a cancellation/exchange or refund on my tickets?

    All tickets sold by Star Tickets are done so on a no refund, exchange or cancellation basis. You agreed to these conditions when the purchase was made.

  • Do I get better tickets by booking online or by phone or should I line up at an outlet?

    Online purchasing has the same access to all ticket stock as our outlets and call center.

  • How do I make a wheelchair booking online?

    Wheelchair bookings can only be made online when this ticket option is displayed. Check the venue information for the event you wish to see regarding details on Special Facilities. This will also provide the phone number for Wheelchair bookings when available.

  • Why do I only have up to 10 minutes to complete my booking? Why is this time sometimes less than 10 minutes?


    A. We allow up to 10 minutes for ticket purchases. Hot Shows can sell out very quickly and this time is reduced if demand is high. Through this web-site you have access to the same ticket stock as our call centers and outlets.

    B. If you wish to speed up your transaction on the Star Tickets site we suggest you fill in the your address and personal details in My Star Tickets. This will auto fill the majority of the Ticket Offer and Payment screen whenever you purchase a ticket.


  • Why is there not more detail with online maps for each event?

    Currently the maps provided online are for a guide and can differ for different events at a venue. In the future we will be providing you with more detailed maps. Additionally for a lot of major events seating, descriptions are provided.

  • What is Obstructed View?

    With an obstructed / restricted view seat, your view may vary from being partly to completely obstructed depending on the venue and the act. 0 - 100% obstruction may occur.

  • Why are your phone lines sometimes busy?

    On 'hot show days' you may experience a delay as our Customer Service Representatives are in such high demand. You have access to purchase tickets online and this website has the same access to the stock sold over the telephone or through one of our outlets.